Roundabout – February Block of the Month

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This month’s Roundabout block is a new take on the traditional “Drunkards Path”. In addition to the instructions, I’ve included an easy downloadable PDF with the templates (print at 100%). Make sure to download both the instructions and the templates.

Don’t be intimidated by the curves! If you match up the centers and ease in the fullness, it will go together smoothly. If you’ve not sewn curves do a test run with scrap fabric.

Use these links to download the instructions and templates.

Remember part of the fun is to allow yourself to play. I can’t wait to show you the quilt I’ve designed using just this block. I enlarged the block to 12 inches and modified the color placement to create an awesome new quilt. I’ve even bought the fabric to make it. Now, I just need to find some time to sew. I’ll share more about this idea next week.

I love seeing what you are making! Please be sure to post progress pictures on Facebook and Instagram and tag me. @travlis @GreenvilleMQG #licensedtoquilt      

Happy creating.

2 thoughts on “Roundabout – February Block of the Month

  1. Oh, no! The dreaded “curved piecing!” Good thing I know an expert who can coach me on this one…

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  2. Susan- this was my first official attempt and it really was easy. Watch the video linked in the instructions. She changes my approach.


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