Yield – May Block of the Month

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Yield – May Block of the Month for the Greenville Modern Quilt Guild

This month’s block is Yield. It is a variation of the traditional flying geese block. But don’t think that I wouldn’t add a challenge, beware that the odd angles of the geese make piecing slightly tricky.

If you are a confident paper piecer, feel free to use the method that is most comfortable to you. Just note that you will want to cut your background pieces for each geese larger than listed in the directions. That way when you open the fabric and press the seam the background will completely cover the paper template.

I don’t like to waste fabric, so I provided templates with precise angles to cut your background fabrics. I also chose to use the foundation template to trim my geese pieces before matching the background fabric. This left me with very little waste and I was able to keep the direction of the patterns in the background fabric in a consistent direction. Yes, I know it’s white on beige and probably wouldn’t be noticed by anyone other than me. I’m sort of finicky that way.

You can find the pattern here and the templates can be downloaded here.

Don’t forget to tag me @travlis @GreenvilleMQG #licensedtoquilt  so I can follow along with your creative journey.

Happy sewing!

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